Trainer Biographies

Warren Kramer

Warren Kramer

Warren Kramer is an internationally heralded health counselor, educator and cooking instructor. For the past 29 years, Warren has studied and lived a healthy way of life and taught the macrobiotic approach to wellness, including principles of food selection and preparation, exercise, work, relationships. Warren is a faculty member at the Kushi Institute, the Strengthening Health Institute and holds a degree from the New England School of Acupuncture. He believes that strong health begins in the kitchen.

For more information about Warren and consultations, see Macrobiotics of New England.

Mike Zeeb

Michael Zeeb

Mike Zeeb has taught and counseled extensively for 26 years with Recovery Innovations, which has one of the largest peer workforces in the world with 63% of its workforce, over 250 individuals, employed successfully as Peer Support Specialists in community programs. The RI mission is to create opportunities and environments that empower people to recover, to succeed in accomplishing their goals, and to reconnect to themselves, others, and meaning and purpose in life. In Peer Support, mind and heart matter. Mike has inspired hundreds of participants with his personally involved, interactive style and heroic story of personal recovery from mental illness.

For more information about RI International and all that they offer, see Recovery Innovations International.

Will Hall

Will Hall

Will Hall’s work and learning arose from his own experiences of recovery from madness, and today he is a therapist and trainer working world-wide. He is passionate about new visions of mind and what it means to be human, and holds degrees from the Process Work Institute and the Open Dialogue training center IDP, as well as being a WRAP facilitator and NADA auricular acupuncturist. Will has focused especially on trauma, oppression, and working with extreme states of consciousness that get diagnosed as psychosis.

For  info about Will and his work, see Will Hall: Consulting, Counseling, and Training Alternatives and also check out the radio program he hosts, Madness Radio.

Doug & Amy Modig

Doug Modig Amy Modig

Doug and Amy Modig are honored elders and leaders in the Native Alaskan Sobriety Movement and co-founders of the annual Rural Providers Conference. They have assisted and healed Native peoples professionally for over 40 years. Today Doug and Amy continue their vision of healthy communities through their daily personal actions and good works.

For more information about Doug and Amy’s projects, you can call Doug at 907-360-0077.