Natural Wellness Workshops


Wellness is more than being free from illness, it is a dynamic process of growth and positive change… yet symptoms of many illnesses can be alleviated, and reliance on medications reduced, through the practice of wholesome lifestyle practices and a diet rich in plants.

Immerse oneself in routines which support joy, health and well being:

~ energetics of food and health
~ plant-based cooking
~ mindfulness practices
~ movement and nature therapies
~ yoga and body rub


Learn how to avoid imbalanced foods, and explore cooking with whole grains, beans, sea and land vegetables, using natural seasonings for diversity, flavor, and seasonal balance. Practice yoga, mindful meditations, body rub and other simple grounding disciplines, together with other peers, finding balance with common sense approaches to daily activity.


Includes an 8 week support circle toward ones’ personal wellness goals.


This class is very hands-on and experiential. It is co-taught by experts with years of experience in natural wellness practices. It is offered both for students who have a personal interest in living more healthfully and joyfully, as well as those who want to pursue a career as a wellness coach or alternative health practitioner.




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